We have gained highly specialist knowledge and extensive experience over the years, leading to our strengths in innovation and independent research and development, all of which contribute to our ultra-competitive products of consistently high quality. We owe our strong market position not only to excellent products, but also to our professional advice and outstanding customer service. Experienced, motivated employees and a corporate culture built on a principle of partnership give the company a unique combination of creative thinking and technical expertise. This specialist knowledge has given us the independence we need to provide our customers with impartial advice. Always focused on finding the best solution for our customers' situation, we also consider economic efficiency, which is so important for production. Even when faced with challenging technical requirements, we always seek out options that are in our customer's best interests in terms of practicality and cost.


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Лепила, слепващи вещества и апликатори /  Синтетични лепила /  PVA and PVAc based dispersions /  In-house development of all our adhesives /  Applications engineering on your premises /  Customised solutions /  Construction adhesives /  Dispersion adhesives /  Label adhesives /  Film adhesives /  Laminating adhesives /  Adhesive dispersions /  Adhesives for the printing industry /  Adhesives for the graphics industry /  Adhesives for paper processing /  Adhesives for mineral fibreboards /  Adhesives for solid boards /  Adhesives, customer-specific /  Adhesives, solvent-free /  Contract adhesive filling /  Packaging adhesives /  industrial glues /  Adhesives /  technical glues /  adhesives for wood /  glue for paper /  industrial glues /  glue for packaging /  adhesives for plastic materials /  glues and adhesives / 

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