In July 1996, Hipp Endoskop Service GmbH was founded by Alexander and Frank Hipp. We consider ourselves to be an integrated service provider and manufacturer with traditional value structures. Since the beginning, our work has focussed on the development, maintenance and manufacture of industrial borescopes of all kinds. Our wealth of expertise, in conjunction with our employees' strong personal commitment, our creativity, team spirit and the stability of the family business, guarantee the highest quality Made in Germany. Industrial endoscopes, rigid borescopes. Our rigid industrial endoscopes are ideally equipped for rough industrial applications. Repair services made by Hipp for rigid endoscopes. Repair services made by Hipp for ureterorenoscopes. Accessories and used endoscopes – Storz endoscopes, Wolf endoscopes, Stryker endoscopes, Olympus endoscopes, Dyonics endoscopes, Arthrex endoscopes.


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Медицинска хирургия - интрументи /  Laparoscope /  Cystoscope /  Ureterorenoscope /  Hysteroscope /  Otoscope /  Sinuscope /  Tele laryngo-pharyngoscope /  Arthroscope /  Flexible nasopharyngoscope /  Cold light cables /  Repair services for rigid endoscopes /  Repair services for ureterorenoscopes /  Rigid borescopes /  Flexible borescopes /  Camera systems for optimal image transmission /  Light sources and light conductors /  Oesophagoscope / 

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