As a global leader in our industry, we have the special task, or even challenge, of redefining the new benchmark for our field. Most recently, we achieved this with our new app MyElg, which you can check out and download from ELG embodies professional, dependable and fair dealings with our partners, and top-quality products and service. Our close relationship with suppliers and customers is built on short distances, quick response times and pragmatic solutions. We are a solid and financially robust partner, further strengthened by our position within the Haniel Group. We are always respectful and courteous to our partners and place great importance on the environment in everything we do. Of course, all this enables us to offer competitive prices. This is our quality promise to you: Personal advice and assistance, prompt and secure payment, quick dispatch of your order, fast administration processes.


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Стомани и метали /  Stainless steel scrap /  Cast iron scrap /  Non-iron metal scrap /  automobile dismantler /  Scrap processing /  Scrap disposal systems /  Pure metals /  Raw materials for the stainless steel industry /  Buying and selling of scrap metal /  scrap recovery /  shavings /  Raw materials for metallurgy /  international scrap metal trading /  vehicle scrap yard /  alloys /  molybdenum /  nickel / 

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