The history of Asoniya, based in the Russian city of Oryol, began in 2004 with the invention of our anatomic cushion. We obtained patents for our inventions in 2006. Our aim is to support people in leading healthy and happy lives. We are always implementing new technologies and extending our product range. At night, our products allow you to have a comfortable and restful sleep, during the day they provide support to your body forces and during the evening they help you to relax muscles in various places, such as the neck, arms, legs and back. The cushions are made from high quality materials and filled from the inside with microbeads. These microbeads are chemically neutral, odourless, do not provide a habitat for vermin, are very flexible and weightless and create the effect of a fluid filling material. The microbeads have a relaxing and beneficial effect, enhancing your memory while you sleep and calming the nervous system.



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