APERTO is one of the leading quality suppliers of radio-controlled automatic door drives. Our wide range of products enables you to make the perfect choice for garage doors, sliding doors and swing gates. The highest product quality, durable technology and outstanding comfort have been inspiring our customers for over 20 years: It's raining, and your garage is only 50 metres away. You are already shivering at the thought of having to get out of your warm, dry car to open the garage door. Does this seem familiar to you? Life with an APERTO garage door drive is so easy! You remain seated in your vehicle, press the button on your APERTO remote control and your garage door begins to open. When you arrive in the garage, you exit your car with dry feet, press the interior push-button included in the scope of delivery and enter your home while the three-minute light of your APERTO garage door operator goes out in the garage.

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