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  • We founded the trading company Meba Steel & Industrial Supplies Trade GmbH in Dusseldorf, Germany, more than 15 years ago, in 2002. Our brand is now a recognised and trusted name both at home and...
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  • Cold-rolled steel strips in accordance with EN 10139/10140 in market standard grades, rolled to any strength class, with thicknesses between 0.20 and 2.50 mm and widths between 4 and 525 mm. Cold-rolled case-hardening...
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  • ...cold-rolled and coated steel in the shape of rings, sheets and slit strips every year. In addition to numerous European steel mills, we cooperate with the automotive industry and a variety of service centres.
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  • ...and in micro-alloyed steel strips. If you need more space in your warehouse, Flender-Stahl purchases coilwares and sheet steel, freeing up valuable warehouse space and providing you with hard cash. Our products include: Cold-rolled steel strips, hot-rolled...
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  • Виждате ли това? Виждат го и Вашите потенциални клиенти. Обаче не могат да Ви намерят, въпреки че сте най-добрите в бранша си! Увеличете видимостта си с EUROPAGES
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    Veyrins-Thuellin - ФРАНЦИЯ
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  • High and low carbon content steel bands, cold and hot rolled. Grades C20, C45, C60, C67, C75, C85, C100, 50CrV4, 100Cr6 annealed, raw semi-raw, tempered.
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  • ...capital costs are especially low: All you need for the installation of the system is a cutter for stainless steel corrugated tubes, a stripping blade and an open-ended spanner for tightening the connectors.
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  • ...cutting edges, blade steel, wear strips, special profiles) as well as load hooks, side cutters, quick hitch systems, bolts and nuts. We use highly wear-resistant steel in our manufacturing. Our range of...
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  • ...includes reinforced profiles for plastic windows, open and closed special profiles from hot-rolled strip, cold-rolled strip, stainless steel and surface-treated strips for use in industry and trade.
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  • Our products include: Brass; Metal foils; Adhesive steel foils; Metal intermediate layers for mechanical engineering; Acid and heat-resistant stainless steel; Brass flats; Brass strips
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  • ...galvanised, cold-rolled or hot-rolled steel strips. We also manufacture galvanised cold-formed sections used to enhance PVC joinery and cold-formed sections made of cold- and hot-rolled steel plates.
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  • Technological innovation, laser cutting of sheet metal and stainless steel, engineering design office, even for short runs, samples and prototypes. In-house production, bespoke machining. We work in...
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  • We deliver ball rollers from stock in various designs: Solid steel, with and without a collar, sheet steel, with plastic running ball, in a stainless steel version and in a spring-loaded version with...
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  • Your requirements are our most important concern. Do you need more precise information? Do you have a special request? If so, contact us by telephone or inform us of your requirements by e-mail. We...
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  • Although rh stahl gmbh joined the market very recently, it already has quite a history which began in 2006. This was the year in which we established "Stahlkreationen GmbH", which we rebranded as rh...
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  • EWG in Heimsheim is your reliable partner in industry, trade and research for the procurement of refractory metals such as molybdenum, tantalum, titanium, tungsten, niobium, zirconium, rare soils and...
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  • Gabella Macchine spa makes very popular machine tools that are sold all over the world. Gabella Macchine spa works on preparing rolled goods and making ironwork installations. The company constructs...
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