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  • Böhmer has been assisting customers from the crane building, dock-working, smelting, brick/ceramics, ship building and plant building industries since 1920. Our products range from small wheel sets...
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  • Mulco-Europe EWIV is a specialist in PU timing belt technology and one of the world's leading suppliers of drive and transport solutions in mechanical engineering. With the highly developed PU timing...
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  • Brechmann has been supplying car parts all over the world for over 40 years. Our customers are importers, wholesalers, repair shops and dealers. Brechmann is owner-managed and is a company that takes...
    Доставчик на: pulleys | Резервни части за автомобили | Датчици | wear parts for motor vehicles | transmission oils
  • Premium product quality and personal service are the cornerstones of our production process. For many years, we have been supplying our products to big-name international companies and corporations....
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  • Виждате ли това? Виждат го и Вашите потенциални клиенти. Обаче не могат да Ви намерят, въпреки че сте най-добрите в бранша си! Увеличете видимостта си с EUROPAGES
  • Tanals undertaken Alsatian revolutionizes the process of realization of a dismountable mechanical junction for the toothed belts polyurethane and the bands transporteuses. ERO Joint® used in...
    Доставчик на: pulleys | Конвейерни товаро-разтоварни работи - системи | Конвейери | round belts | flat belts
  • Modern organisation at the service of those who design, innovate and produce. Years of experience in the world of technical articles, and more specifically in the field of power transmission, have...
    Доставчик на: pulleys | Сачмени, иглени и ролкови търкалящи лагери | bearings | lubricants | industrial gaskets
  • Distributor of replacement elements of power transmission. Offer: sprockets; gears; pulleys, timing belts and wedge; drive chains; transport chains; transport tapes; toothed belts; bearing units;...
    Доставчик на: pulleys | pulleys wegdes and gears | Зъбни колела | toothed belts | trapezoid screws
  • Доставчик на: pulleys | Механична трансмисия - компоненти | bearings | straps | bearings
  • Доставчик на: pulleys | Сачмени лагери | industrial bearings | oil seal rings
  • Доставчик на: pulleys | Механични трансмисии и компоненти | conductor tapes | toothed driving belts | smooth driving belts
  • Доставчик на: pulleys | Резервни части за автомобили | starter replacements | starter motors for motor vehicles
  • Доставчик на: pulleys | Механични съединители | Механични трансмисии и компоненти | straps | hubs
  • Доставчик на: pulleys | Електродвигатели и части | Електродвигатели - постоянен ток | Електродвигатели - променлив ток | Преносими механични триони
  • Доставчик на: pulleys | Механични трансмисии и компоненти | gears
  • Доставчик на: pulleys | Повдигане - техника и аксесоари | shackles | special lifting rings
  • Доставчик на: pulleys | Зъбни предавки | racks
  • Доставчик на: pulleys | Повдигане - техника и аксесоари | grabs | hoists
  • Доставчик на: pulleys | Предавателен ремък | pvc conveyor belts | industrial belts | timing belts
    Fiorano Modenese - ИТАЛИЯ
    Доставчик на: pulleys | Скоростни вариатори и редуктори на обороти | three-phase electric motors | trapezoidal rubber belts | profiles
    Travagliato - ИТАЛИЯ
    Доставчик на: pulleys | Чугун - изделия | brake disks
    Huzhou - КИТАЙ
    Доставчик на: pulleys | Втечнен газ - промишлени инсталации | chain sprockets | couplings
  • Доставчик на: pulleys | Механична трансмисия - компоненти | straps
  • Доставчик на: pulleys | Повдигане - техника и аксесоари
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  • Caspar Gleitlager Antriebstechnik (Caspar plain bearings drive technology) is the leading German manufacturer for special plain bearings. We are able to manufacture customised plain bearings made...
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  • The BEA Group has been conducting international operations in drive technology for over 60 years. Through continuous optimisation of our company's processes and the Europe-wide expansion of an...
    Доставчик на: sprocket pulleys | drive belt pulleys | poly-v ribbed v-belt pulleys | Зъбни колела | roller chains
  • Доставчик на: Предавателни колела | Маслени филтри | automotive - components and parts | cast iron parts for the automobile industry
  • Over its 80-year history, Schübel Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG has made a name for itself as a specialised technical dealer for drive and industrial technology with product expertise and...
    Доставчик на: toothed-belt pulleys | Съединители (амбреажи) | Трансмисионни елементи | Конвейери | Търкалящи лагери
  • Our extensive delivery range includes customised transmission and conveyor solutions for all sectors. For the food industry, mechanical engineering, the packaging industry, metal processing, the...
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